Humidifiers & Steam Generators

Sant (SI-1035) Series Electronics Steam Humidifiers converts ordinary tap water to steam and distributes within the Air being humidified to bring the relative humidity up to the desired level. It is the ideal solution for providing humidification where no steam us available or where a steam source is too remote for easy or economical piping. The Sant (SI-1035 series consists f many model and design to provide the required services as per requirements.

Available Capacities

  • 2 Kw to 50 Kw
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Hot Water Generator

SANT ( SI-1040 ) Series HOT WATER GENERATORS are manufactured in a wide variety of required specifications, Temperature Rating & different types to meet specific requirement of Heating application in various fields. Available in vertical & horizontal type, Electrically as well as Oil Fired operational.


  • MCCB / SFU with copper Bus Bar.
  • Digital Step type Electronic Thermostat & Thermometer.
  • Low¬† level cut-off float switch with alarm.
  • Step type light Indicator.
  • Emergency cut-off switch.
  • Main door switch.
  • Voltmeter & Ammeter.
  • Push buttons.
  • Pressure Relief valve.
  • Automatic Air-vent valve.
  • Make-up / Drain connection with 25mm ( 1" ) Ball valve.

Available Capacities

  • 50 Kw to 1000 Kw
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